List of Camping gears

After three back to back camping, I feel like either I’m bringing in too much or having too little for the trip. Nevertheless, there is a list I swear by every time we are on a Camping ping trip. I’m putting down in groups of How I pack them. We do a Tent camping and not an RV one. So, we might end up having a lot of stuff with us. Hence I will list down along with the reasons I take them with us. That way you can choose which ones you will need.

Tarp sheets – You need a base for your tent’s durability. Have a plastic sheet below the tent helps it last longer. You can get them pretty much anywhere, Walmart or Amazon. They are pretty cheap too and get it based on the floor size of your tent.

Tent – We got a 7 person dome-shaped tent with a small closet-like space. Get a bit bigger tent with additional capacity if you have kids. The room space can let you store stuff and let kids play in case it rains outside

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Inflatable mattress /Sleeping bags – We went with the mattress as we knew our kids will not sleep in those sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are compact and easy to pack or unpack. We were on a lookout for a king-sized mattress to fit us all in. We found one in amazon and the feature of inflating it using our car’s Power made us choose it immediately.

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Tent light – We have a small lamp that we can hang on the roof of our tent. You can use it as a night lamp too if needed.

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Heater – WE use a heater that runs on propane gas. AT nights when it gets cold, we would definitely need a heater out in the woods. There are electric ones too, but the non-availability of electricity on some camping grounds made us choose the propane run ones.

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Lantern – The other product that we own runs on propane gas, not using electricity. We absolutely love this for out campfire nights. When it gets dark we need a bright light definitely to cruise through the campsite. We get to use it not more than 1 -2 hours a night.

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Cooler bag – We need a cooler bag definitely for camping to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. We did not opt for the box ones that have more space than what we currently own. The box takes up so much space even when it is empty. Hence, we went with a collapsible bag to save space. We got ours from Costco. You need to add ice to the bag and keep the food inside to keep it cool. We also get our ice for the bag from Costco.

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Cooking grill – honestly it is completely your choice of stove for cooking. We use a charcoal grill along with a starter and grilling kit that we got from the target. Grilling is time-consuming but kind of fun. The food obviously tasted better in it. But, most of the campers I have seen have a propane run stove that is like the basic LPG stove. You get small propane tanks that can be used for cooking. We use a lodge cast iron skillet on our charcoal grill to make out food. it is so much fun as it is completely new to us. We use a starter device to heat out charcoal. It makes firing the charcoal process easy and quick enough.

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Click the link here for the starter


Shower tent – Due to the COVID situation, we had to look for a restroom that is not shared by everyone. My husband’s research made us come up with this plan. A shower tent is a small tent with mesh corners on the floor that lets the water drain outside. It has few pouches for holding stuff and a hook on top to add a shower. This has been extremely handy for us, especially with kids. We bring a bucket of water and shower happily with no fear of sharing it with anyone.

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We have been asked mostly questions on restrooms, As I mentioned above we use shower tents as our restrooms. We got a 5-galloon pail/bucket and a toilet seat that goes with it in Walmart. Throw in a trash bag and you are all good to go.

Apart from the above, I’m listing down the minor things that are important and we might leave it behind or it might not occur to us,

  1. Extra blankets
  2. Doormats
  3. Flashlights and extra batteries
  4. Matchboxes
  5. Newspapers/old papers – to start the fire.
  6. extra pair of slippers
  7. Bathtissues/Paper towel
  8. A huge pail or bucket to carry water.
  9. Bug repellent
  10. foldable chair
  11. Towels
  12. White noise machine (especially with kids)
  13. Portable charger
  14. extension box
  15. Trash bags

I hope I was able to list out all the necessities in this one blog. You can add or remove things from this list based on your requirements. Hope this helps you all with setting your camping right.

Have safe and happy camping !

Minneopa state park

For the long weekend, we chose to camp at the Minneopa state park and drive around to see the other side of Minnesota.

Minneopa State park

Well after the 2-hour drive to blue mounds state park, we lead ourselves to the Minneopa falls inside the state park. Minneopa falls is on the Minneopa creek that then flows along to join the Minnesota River, The falls was very easily accessible from the parking lot. A few steps an there you are across the bridge of the falls that separates the upper 8 feet fall and the lower more dramatic 40 ft falls. When you go across the bridge you get the closer view of the upper falls.

Upper falls
The gigantic lower falls

So, we did not want to get back without seeing the base. We walked through the paved trail that led us to the stairs. This stone stairs led us to the woods of the lower part of the falls. Usually, this trail is a loop that takes you back to the falls the other way. But due to some soil erosion, the path across the falls was closed.

We saw a bunch of people take the rocky path along the creek to the falls. We did not want to miss that either. With a wobbly walking toddler and a kindergartener, we set our journey along the shore of the creek. It was not at all a proper trail. I felt like the trail was made by people who walked here for the past few days. I was not wearing very good shoes so I felt like I was slipping off most of the time. You need a sturdy shies to hike this path. After a strenuous hike, there was a might lower falls showering us with its cold water on a hot sunny day. We sat on a rock overlooking it for 10 minutes enjoying the falls.

Lower falls from down

We also learned that lower falls might soon join the upper one making in one single fall. We also enjoyed the limestone rods covered with moss and people carving their names in it.

When you are here do not forget to check out the bison range. It is a drive-through that takes you to an old fort named Seppman mill, which was a former windmill.

The bison range has a pretty good number of bison that have been brought in from the blue mounds state park. Since we lived a few steps away from the bison Range we would catch the bisons almost every time went in and out of the park. There are huge hiking trails covered with grass around this bison range,

Living in the campground we got to go on a hike that started from the campgrounds. It took us through the woods and we could hear the falls close by. Then after a half a mile, there is was the minneola creek. It had a small sandy area where kids could play. There were trees falls across the creek and a railway bridge going over it. We went under the bridge along the banks of the creek to watch the creek joining in the Minnesota River. It was a wonderful evening for us. We did not have our phones to take pictures but I was so happy that we did not have one as we saw our kids having fun and talking to us with our complete attention.

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